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Today, we’re making our first announcement of our “Summer Series” of events in partnership with Luke’s Game Space. If you’re looking for some great competitive events, we will be having something for everyone … from Counter-Strike 1.6 and Source, to Call of Duty 4, to Halo 3. Both PC and Console events will be held. We are checking our calendars over this week and will announce our first few events soon. Our hope is to begin in April/May and continue all the way through the end of Summer. Instead of one single Warfactory event, we believe that smaller and more focused events will make for much stronger competition and a lot more fun for everyone.

For those of you who came to our first event at Luke’s, please note that we used that event as a “pilot” and will be making many changes to the facility to make bigger events easier and much more fun. We will separate our PC and Console events so we can allow for larger numbers of attendees and will be rearranging things so you can get around easier too.

We’ve got lots of ideas, but want to hear yours! Please feel free to discuss your thoughts below and in our forums …