17 comments on “Warfactory 2008 – October 25-26!

  1. Please consider hosting the first St. Louis Call of Duty 4 Tournament. This game has grown to one of the top competetive games in CAL and CEVO, right up there with CS, and CSS. Please think about it. Thanks

  2. We’re definitely considering it too. Currently, we’re the planning/sponsorship phase and hope to have details about prizing, tournaments, etc. to give to everyone soon.

    For everyone interested in this event, please feel free to post here or in the forums. We want to hear what the community wants!

  3. Sounds like its gonna be fun.

    I wouldn’t mind DOD:S or COD4, but please have something different than the usual Quake4/CS/consoles… Thanks

  4. COD4 has been on our minds. It’s become a solid game and highly competitive. If you have thoughts on configs/tourney format for COD4 please send us ideas/suggestions for consideration!

  5. If you have a Counter Strike Source tournamnet you will have a good turn out. I know alot of us Midwest players are just Dieing for a CSS LAN tourney near us and the only ones that are, are the St.Louis lans. You can’t take our only lans away from us!!!!!!!!!! If you want to talk about anything email me or hit me up in #isotropic @ gamesurge.net

  6. Any developments as to prizes and or tournaments at this point killdashine? Thank you.

  7. Working in it daily. Developments are in-progress but as usual, take time. You guys know that I always prefer to have something to give out first before making an offer!

    Keep watching the site or hit me up on #warfactory.

  8. 1.6 will definitely make this successful. i watched LANWar in Louisville choose source over 1.6 and no one came. it ended up being a fun tourney with no prizes. if we play 1.6 its almost guaranteed to get you teams, especially in the midwest. 1.6 is my vote!

  9. CSS will make this lan a very big hit, STL has a great Source following from skull gaming to individual members of gaming revolution. i can guarantee that cevo-p players will show up for this event especially if there is a great prize involved.

  10. Keep the comments coming … we appreciate all the good notes here and will use this to plan and coordinate. We may have new announcements soon and are thinking of moving the date to October to allow more time for fundraising and promotion so stay tuned.

  11. sounds like fun but how much u think it well cost?
    I love playing 1.6 and css

  12. Are You Guys Planning On Playing A Halo 3 Tournament, or Grand Theft Auto 4 Tournaments?

  13. Please host a Css Event. I know of 6 teams already planning on going.. That is just the teams I know. Not many lans in the midwest.

  14. The event dates are now October 25-26, 2008. I’ll make sure to resolve any conflicts on this site, but if you see other places not on Warfactory’s site let me know.

  15. Will there be a halo tourney. Because my team is looking for a good lan practice for mlg…If there is a halo tourney when can we expect regestration/prize info/where its held? Thanks, Equinox

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