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We’re pleased to announce that the Rust Sandbox server is LIVE! To get moderator access which grants you the ability to spawn whatever items you want and issue server commands, simply connect to the server and within 5 minutes, an automated process will detect your account and grant you elevated permissions. Once this is done, log off and back onto the server again to process the new permissions. For help, questions, or comments, join us on Discord.

A call to arms

We’re bringing Warfactory back with a series of online gaming servers and community hub (this site). And while we may not have any intent on throwing “large” scale LAN events. There’s no reason why we can’t throw a LAN party here and there. But we need members to help make this possible, and admins to help run the online servers. If you’re interested in getting involved to see if we can revive this beast, then please PM me. And by all means, if you haven’t created an account yet, please do! Also, join our Discord server, our Steam group, and our Facebook group. We really want to revive this beast, but we need your help!