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Based on a flash game created Jenova Chen, Nick Clark, and Austin Wintory.  This new make of the game was designed and created by “thatgamecompany.”  In this version of the puzzle game the standard PS3 sixaxis is used to move your organism around level after filled with smaller organisms and occasionally a few bigger more evolved ones.

Starting up the game the player is greeted with soft ambient music, soft colors, and the simple controls.  After hitting the start button you are immediatly immersed into the beautifully colored primordial soup.  Your first organism is bigger than the other organisms that inhabit this first level.  To move your organism around you tilt the controller.  This form of control can take some time to get the hang of but once you get do the movement becomes natural.  A black mark on the score for control comes in after a few “evolutions” when you become a fish like creature with a small mouth which you have to use to hit the “food” just right.

The gameplay is pretty straight forward.  You are an organism that is trying to do what every organism does eat and grow.  Each organism has its own ability such as boost, spinning, and disappearing.  Further into each evolution you come across creatures that are the same size or bigger than you that fight back eating your life orbs.  However, these creatures don’t provide that much of a challenge in terms of AI.  This game, in terms of gameplay, is unlike any other game I have ever played or seen played personally.

The soft ambient music, the noncompetetive gameplay, and the soft colors combine in this game to create a unique and soothing gaming experience.  I would recommend this game to anyone looking for a game to relax with and a way to kill time with.  Overall I give the game an 85 on a scale of 100.