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Good news gang!  Warfactory is coordinating a CS:S tournament Webster-Strike, but we need your help!  Our hosts are extending a special rate for full teams of $10/person.  This means you need to have five team members please.

Warfactory is providing the networking and resources needed to do this event at our expense … call it our “economic tournament stimulus package”, but if you want a good cash tournament here’s how you help!

  • Find your team
  • Prepare an e-mail with
    • Your full team roster
    • How much your teammates are willing to contribute for prizes
    • Your team leader’s contact information
  • Send it to killdashnine AT warfactory DOT net
  • Let your friends who play CS:S know about this event and have them do the same!

We’d like to see at least four or five teams step up to make this worthwhile, so Source players this is your only chance to make it happen.  We have one team ready to go and hope to hear from more of you soon (first-come-first-serve up to capacity)!

Remember, there’s more than just CS at this event so check out for more details!  March 29th is coming soon!