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This may go under the radar of a lot of gamers, but as of today we’ve just heard that the Championship Gaming Series has shuttered the doors proclaiming itself as “an idea whose time came too early” .  I wrote a brief article about the Death of the CPL earlier this year and we’re now seeing a pretty disheartening trend for the competitive video game industry.

I’ve watched a number of episodes of the CGS on G4 to see what it was all about.  While it was vaguely interesting to me, unfortunately I’d have to contend that the choice of games, rules for the games, and exclusivity for league players have much to do with their demise.  While many may say that E-Sports isn’t ready for prime-time, I have to disagree.  If you’re as concerned about the future of E-Sports in the US as I am, read on … Continue Reading

We want to thank everyone for helping make Warfactory 2008 a success this year.  Warfactory is proud to have been back on the scene in St. Louis after a successful tour around the US helping other organizations such as ESWC and GotFrag.

If you’ve been waiting for the wrap-up for Warfactory 2008 please check out this link for all the details. Also, feel free to browse our Flickr galleries for the event featuring well over 400 photos for this one alone!


Team 34 – 1st Place in the Counter-Strike 1.6 Tournament

Thanks to ALL our many sponsors including top cash contributors Ranken Tech, Dust-Off, and BenQ.  Thanks to our gracious host – IT Enterprises – for providing hours of help and staying up with us through the event.  Most importantly, thank you for attending the event.  We fielded a lot of great comments at this one and are planning our 2009/2010 season now.  We’ll need your support in the coming year, so please don’t forget that Warfactory is here to provide you with fun and competitive events throughout the St. Louis Area.

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